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September 13, 2013

We had an unexpected and sudden fierce storm that lasted just long enough to blow leaves (and a few branches) from all the neighboring trees.  I'm tagging all the leaf photos to make a collection, I seem to have a pattern going there over the years.  Here is the link. (should grow over time as I restore the lost website).

It was another work-on-the-house day plus a visit to the bike shops in Huntington for tubes and such.  No riding today, I've had flat tires on both bikes.   Don't think I've ever had spokes come loose or repeated flats that happen before you even get the bike loaded.   I said awhile back that maybe we are destined to recycle all our old hobbies again and again until we die, but perhaps our ability to participate, train, and pick the right gear degrades over time.  I better not resume fly fishing, hard telling what would happen then.

 “You must be like me;
you must suffer in rhythm.”

Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea