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December 14, 2008

Life is a journey toward silence, and not just the silence of death.
Youth talks a lot -- is noisy. Old age is reticent. There is so much to consider, after all.
Older men tend to hold their tongues. They know the wisdom of forbearance.
To have seen many things is to reserve judgment.

The Monk/Poet's Journey Toward Silence
By Frederick Smock
(special to The Courier-Journal
distributed via email from the Merton
Institute on the anniversary of
Merton's death)

I sometimes mention Thomas Merton & Wendell Berry on these pages as I think their writings have a lot of good life examples for the reader. Quite often difficult to put into practice, but still useful nonetheless. I became acquainted with Merton's writings about 20 years ago when I was browsing the photo books in the public library. He was an interesting monk who was known worldwide for his poems, books, and pacifism. The above excerpt is from a really nice article written for the Courier Journal by Frederick Smock. Here's a link to the full version.